circa-1915Our story; In and around the year 1915 J.J. Doyle, my grandfather, was a partner with a mason and a plasterer, their company name was Doyle Thomas and Christensen. During the early 1900s they built several large schools in the Edmonton and Calgary areas. After World War 1 J.J. Doyle continued in business until the 1930s depression at which time he moved to Vancouver with two of his oldest sons and established J.J. Doyle and Sons Construction Ltd .This company specialized in renovations, particularly churches, commercial buildings and hotels. J.J. Doyle and Sons was disbanded when the sons joined the armed forces during World War 11.



abby-1958After the war, in 1946, Doyle Construction Co. Ltd. Was incorporated by J.J. Doyle and his eldest son, Elmer Doyle. Upon J.J. Doyles death in 1950 Elmer Doyle was joined by three of his brothers, Murray, Frank and Norbert, my father, as partners in the company. The company specialized in new construction of schools, churches, small hotels, warehouses and commercial buildings. In the 1960s the company expanded its base by including utilty works and larger sized contracts. By the early 1970s, I, along with my brother Terry, joined the company which at that time was contracting large commercial and industrial projects. During the mid 1980s the non-union sector in B.C. was taking hold of the majority of work, and that, coupled with the retirement of three of the brothers brought an end to the unionized firm of Doyle Construction.



thunderbird-arena-1960Shortly thereafter we moved our family to Qualicum Beach and formed Willow Lane Construction Ltd. and soon began building custom homes. By the early 2000,s I was joined by my wife Aline, and our sons, Matt and Jonny in the business. During this time we have expanded our work to include both condominium projects and commercial buildings. That brings us to today, where we have decided to re-name our company as Doyle Construction Ltd. in order to continue the legacy handed down through the generations.

Chris Doyle, President